Customized Mental Health Treatment

Substance addictions are complex conditions that are often perpetuated by mental health disorders. At NPAC, we recognize this by providing addiction treatment alongside comprehensive mental health treatment. In doing so, we offer our clients the best chance of achieving a sustainable recovery.

At NPAC, our primary mental health residential treatment addresses the underlying cause of substance abuse and uncovers how mental health conditions can be managed by employing a range of clinically tested therapies.


What Is the Connection Between Mental Health and Addiction?

Mental health and substance abuse are closely related. Research by the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that approximately one in four people with a severe mental health condition also suffer from a substance use disorder.

A 2019 National survey by SAMHSA on drug use and mental health additionally found that 9.5 million people in the United States live with a co-existing mental health and substance abuse disorder (SUD).
Addiction and mental health are undeniably connected. For example, undiagnosed mental health issues may drive somebody to use substances to cope with their symptoms through self-medication. Furthermore, substances including alcohol and drugs worsen symptoms of mental health conditions.

At NPAC, we focus on holistic treatment. This considers any combination of mental health conditions and substance abuse. We understand that every person and their combination of conditions is unique so we create bespoke treatment plans.
Primary Mental Health Residential Treatment at NP Addiction Recovery Center

Mental Health Conditions We Treat

At NPAC, we take a holistic approach to recovery, providing trial-tested treatment for many mental health conditions. Grounded in compassion and care, we have shared an overview of some of the mental health conditions we treat in our primary mental health residential treatment services below.
Customized Mental Health Treatment
Customized Mental Health Treatment
Primary Mental Health Residential Treatment at NP Addiction Recovery Center


Depression affects people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Causing intense feelings of sadness or numbness to arise, depression can leave people struggling to find joy or meaning in life, leading to suicide or suicidal thoughts. Self-medicating with drugs or alcohol can become a crutch to evade these depressive episodes.

Personality Disorders

Emotionally unstable personality disorder (EUPD), otherwise known as a borderline personality disorder (BPD), causes people to experience intense, fluctuating emotions. These intense highs and lows can last anywhere between a few hours up to a week at a time.

Many people living with EUPD are survivors of trauma. As a result, it is common to have a dual diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


PTSD is a condition that can occur after experiencing a traumatic event. Anything that puts someone under extreme or prolonged stress can cause trauma. Triggered when traumatic memories are incorrectly processed, according to research, around 50% of people seeking substance abuse treatment meet the criteria for PTSD.

The Benefits of Mental Wellness

Mental wellness is not easy to achieve. With the additional challenge of substance addiction, it can take a significant amount of work to maintain. However, the benefits of consciously working to improve your mental health are extensive, especially in this time of global chronic stress.

In addition to increasing susceptibility for addiction, stress leads to decreased focus, cognitive impairment, anger, irrationality, irritability, physical ailments, and fear. However, by working holistically on our mental wellness, the risk of stress is reduced.

Some other benefits of mental wellness include:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved concentration
  • Clearer thoughts
  • A sense of inner peace
  • Increased self-work
  • Reduced risk of depression
  • Healthier relationships

What To Expect During Recovery?

At NPAC, we are proud to offer our patients the comprehensive and supportive care they need to rebuild their lives. We want to make it possible for everyone who attends our center to leave their addiction and underlying mental health conditions in the past.

We know that sustained sobriety is best achieved and maintained when untreated mental health symptoms are alleviated. We are committed to helping you find healthy coping skills to manage your emotional difficulties without resorting to the use of substances.

We combine various techniques and therapies to find the most effective way to improve each person’s wellbeing. Working with a specialist to ease the symptoms of mental health conditions, many of our clients can work towards a goal of happiness and freedom from addiction.


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